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Walter "Walt" Musciano is a legend in control line flying.   An award winning designer and flyer, he is best known for the numerous great designs he created for the Scientific model Company in the 50's and 60's.   Many veteran flyers first took to the air with one of Walt's great 1/2 A models.   Black Hawk Models is proud to offer a collection of these 1/2 A and other designs to the current control line flying community.   Walt is a design consultant on these kits, and carry his endorsement to ensure that they meet his design standards. Young modelers will find these designs easy to build and fly, while older modelers will re-live the excitement of their first modeling experiences.  

A number of clubs around the USA hold Walt Musciano contests to celebrate these great model aircraft designs and to enjoy the fun of an earlier era.   The links below show some of these events.   The Walt Musciano line of kits by Black Hawk Models are legal for these events.   Click the links below for more information about these events.