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  • Army Racer


    Army Racer 
    Designed By Walt Musciano

    During the 1920s and 1930s, air races were a common method used by aircraft manufacturers to showcase their latest designs.   Eager to display their latest pursuit aircraft to the public, the Army Air Corps would often participate in these events as well.   The Army Racer by Black Hawk Models faithfully represents an aircraft typical of that era.   One of Walt Musciano's great designs, this colorful scale-appearing bird will turn heads at the flying field.   It is easy to assemble and possesses the inherient stability that comes with a shoulder wing layout.   You need this beauty in your squadron!

    • KIT NUMBER: FS 2100
    • WING SPAN: 18"
    • ENGINE: .049 TO .074
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Kit includes:
      • Carved and hollowed fuselage
      • Shaped wing
      • Complete hardware package with wheels
      • Pilot figure included
      • Colorful period aircraft markings