Black Hawk Models America's Favorite Models
  • Citabria


    Sport / Stunt Model

    When Bellanca designed the Citabria they wanted make a plane that was capable of stunt flying.   The name Cirabria, spelled backwards is AIR-BAT-IC and Black Hawk Models felt that a Citabria model should also be aerobatic.   A thick symmetrical airfoil, short moment arm, and light weight accomplished this goal in an easy to build and fun to fly model.

    • KIT NUMBER: PS 5000
    • WING SPAN: 20"
    • WING AREA: 73 Square Inches
    • ENGINE: .049
    • Designed By Captain Blackhawk
    • Kit includes:
      • Full Size Plans
      • Complete landing gear
      • Profile fuselage
      • Complete hardware package
      • Colorful Decals