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  • Ebenezer Great Lakes


    Ebenezer Great Lakes 
    Free Flight 

    The Ebenezer Great Lakes free flight is a compact biplane that features big performance and fun.   The very rugged all sheet balsa construction provides ease of construction and low cost.   The elegant classic lines make this plane a joy to watch in the air.   If you have never tried a free flight plane, the Ebenezer Great Lakes would be a great first project.

    • KIT NUMBER: JA 1700
    • WING SPAN: 16' Upper and 15" Lower
    • ENGINE: .020 TO .049
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Kit includes:
      • Profile fuselage
      • Sheet wings
      • Landing gear and wheels
      • Complete building and flying instructions

    Free flight models require accurate building skills and model flight trimming skills.   The satisfaction and enjoyment derived from flying a gas free flight model can not be matched by any other type of model building.