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  • F8F Bearcat


    F8F Bearcat 
    A Walt Musciano Designed Sport / Stunt Model

    The Bearcat was rushed into production and hurried to the Pacific Theater of Operations for the closing days of World War II.   While it saw little combat, it proved to be a superior plane to other propeller driven aircraft of the era.   It remained in active service even after jet aircraft dominated the air.   Well past their prime but still indispensable, Bearcats served in Korea and Viet Nam.

    • KIT NUMBER: PS 4600
    • WING SPAN: 20"
    • WING AREA: 90"
    • ENGINE: .049
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Fun for all ages!
    • Kit includes:
      • Profile wing and fuselage
      • Full Size Plans
      • Complete hardware package
      • Decals