Black Hawk Models America's Favorite Models
  • Glo Bug


    Glo Bug 
    Designed By Carl Goldberg

    Terrific stunting and easy building make the Glo Bug a GREAT Old Time Stunt model capable of doing every stunt in the book with ease.   This is an EXCITING Sport model and an EXCELLENT Trainer.   A profile fuselage and a solid wing make assembly of this kit a breeze.   The Glo Bug was designed by Carl Goldberg to perform the entire OTS pattern and more.   It assembles in a jiffy because it was the first gas model requiring NO soldering, NO special tools, NO paper covering, NO carving and NO printed sheet wood. 

    As a SPECIAL ATTRACTION we will produce this model as a 60th Anniversary Edition kit from 1 November 2007 to 1 November 2008.   All kits will have a serial number, the date of manufacture, a special decal, vintage hardware and wheels.

    • KIT NUMBER: AC 900
    • WING SPAN: 27 1/2"
    • LENGTH: 21 3/4"
    • WEIGHT: 13 oz.
    • ENGINE: .15 to .25
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Kit includes:
      • Profile fuselage
      • Solid wing
      • Complete hardware package with wheels

    The American Classic Series of kits by Black Hawk Models present famous designs of the past in modern kit form.   Some of the models in this line were designed by famous designers and many have won trophies in National competition.   American Classic models are more advanced than the standard Black Hawk Models kits.   They require more building skills, including the use of covering materials in many cases.  These planes require larger engines and generally provide better, more stable flight characteristics.  While Junior Ace and Black Hawk Models FS series models are good starting points, the American Classic models are the goal that modelers strive to achieve.