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Golden Falcon


Golden Falcon 
Spectacular Rubber Powered Free Flight Model 

After our success with our “Sky Master II” kit, BHM started a search for an equally good performing rubber powered model.   That search brought us to the JASCO Falcon.   The Falcon’s stunning good looks and amazing performance has made it a legend among rubber powered models.   At first inspection, we found several places where we could improve the construction of the model, making it easier and stronger without adding weight.   Our next concern was to improve the low power and glide parts of its flying. This was done by increasing its wing area.   Test flights of well over 2 minutes in duration proved that we had a winning combination.   The last goal was to keep the price down while producing a high quality kit, and this too was achieved.   We are quite proud of our “Golden Falcon” with its full size plans, laser cut parts, detailed instruction book and color coded (for easy identification) sticks.   You will find everything that you need in the kit, from wheels to yellow tissue, contest rubber and 8” propeller.   The Golden Falcon has a 25 ½” wing span with a 103 square inch area. It is built from high quality AAA balsa and plywood that will give you a beautiful light weight model with outstanding performance.

  • KIT NUMBER: JA 2400
  • WING SPAN: 25 1/2"
  • Kit includes:
    • Laser Cut Parts
    • Hi Power Contest Rubber Motor
    • Formed Wire Parts
    • 8" High Thrust Prop
    • Color Tissue
    • Full Size Plans and Flying Instructions
    • and Much More

Free flight models require accurate building skills and model flight trimming skills.   The satisfaction and enjoyment derived from flying a gas free flight model can not be matched by any other type of model building.