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    Junior Ace
    Beginners Model Building Set

    Black Hawk Models has prided itself in creating a series of model kits that will bring youngsters into the hobby.   With this idea in mind, we have created this beginners set.   It contains three different model kits - each one is specifically designed to enhance the youngster's skills in both building and flying model planes.   Since none of these models require an engine, they may be flown anywhere safely.   The set starts off with an easy to build plane that is lots of fun to fly.   Each model progresses in difficulty until the modeler is proficient in both building and flying models.   Each kit is complete with plans and instructions, complete hardware and accessories.

    • KIT NUMBER: JA 2300
    • The Set includes:
      • Polish Hawk
      • Zoomer
      • Black Hawk Pursuit

    "Whip Powered Control Line" models are 1/2A size profile control line models that do not use an engine for power.   From the control handle, the control lines pass through the eyes of a 6 foot fishing rod through the line guide on the wing, and to the bellcrank.   As the flyer turns with the rod, the model is pulled through the air.   The speed and duration of the flight are controlled by the pilot.   Line length is 15' to 30'.   This is a good way to get started in control line and to learn stunts.   Whip Powered Control Line was started in 1943 by "Jim" Walker.   Because of the war, engines and fuel were very hard to get.   The whip powered system solved these problems to some extent.   Today this method of flying allows flight anywhere as there is no noise and little risk of injury.   These planes can even be flown indoors which makes flying a year 'round hobby! 

    The availability of these great whip powered models is, to a great extent, due to the efforts of Frank Macy.   Frank grew up in Portland, Oregon where he met the legendary Jim Walker as he was demonstrating his airplanes at parks and schools around the area.   Jim became his boyhood hero and Frank was certain he wanted to work for him.   This was not to be, as Jim Walker died in early 1958.   A few years later Frank decided to preserve the history of the American Junior Aircraft Company and the legacy of Jim Walker.   In the 1980's Frank released Whip Powered Control Line kits designed by "Jim" Walker and sold by American Junior. They were so successful that he designed and kited other models.   This effort continues today with American Junior Classics.   Today Frank Macy is a design consultant for Black Hawk Models while running American Junior Classics and producing a line of American Junior products