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  • Junior Sportster


    Junior Sportster 
    Gas Powered Tether Race Car

    The JUNIOR SPORTSTER is our latest prop rod.   We have added alignment blocks to ensure the proper alignment of the axles.   We also noted that the windshields were not as firmly attached as we would have liked, so we slotted the body to accept the windshield.   Along with our other improvements we feel that the Junior Sportster is our finest prop rod yet.   We also added instructions on how to customize your model.   This car is all hardwood for a lifetime of enjoyment.

    • KIT NUMBER: JA 2600
    • LENGTH: 7"
    • ENGINE: .049 Reed Valve
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Kit includes:
      • Rubber Racing Wheels
      • All Hardwood Parts
      • Easy Assembly
      • Customizing Instructions