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  • Kellett Autogiro


    Kellett Autogiro 
    1954 Walt Musciano Design

    Built in the late 1920's and 30's the "Kellett Autogiro" was popular with celebrities of the era.   The U. S. Army even purchased a few for testing.   In an era before helicopters this was the latest thing in air travel.   Now you too can experience the unique flight characteristics of this unusual airplane.   The Autogiro is sure to attract crowds wherever you fly it! 

    • KIT NUMBER: FS 3200
    • WING SPAN: 18"
    • ROTOR SPAN: 17"
    • ENGINE: .049 TO .074
    • SKILL LEVEL: Teen Approved
    • Kit includes:
      • Carved and hollowed fuselage
      • Shaped wing
      • Complete hardware package
      • Wheels
      • Cowling
      • Pilot figure included
      • Laser cut rotors and hub