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  • Messerschmitt ME-109


    Messerschmitt ME-109 
    Profile Fuselage with Built-up Wing

    The ME 109 was the most important aircraft in the German Air Force during World War II.   Designed before the start of World War II it served as the front line fighter until the end of the war.   Improvements kept the ME 109 on a par with the newest Allied fighters and a feared adversary.

    • KIT NUMBER: FS 1700
    • TYPE: Sport / Stunt
    • WING SPAN: 27"
    • ENGINE: .049 TO .061
    • SKILL LEVEL: Medium
    • Kit includes:
      • Profile fuselage
      • Built-up Wing
      • Complete hardware package with wheels
      • Full size plans included
      • Colorful period aircraft decals

    All of the planes in the War Bird Series feature a buildup wing and profile fuselage.   Wings span 27" and have a wing area 120 square inches.   These hot planes are designed for Norvel, TD, or Brodak type engines and come with a conversion to a Black Widow radial engine mount.   The wing is a tongue and groove construction design which makes a strong, light weight wing that is almost warp proof.   Parts are band sawed and laser cut.   All planes come with decals, landing gear, wheels and all hardware.   All kits feature FULL SIZE PLANS to ease construction. 

    These planes will fly stunt and are very fast, which would make them good combat models.   35' to 42' steel lines are recommended.   Originally designed by Walt Musciano in 1962, these kits have been updates for 21st century flyers.