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  • Nieuport 17


    Nieuport 17 
    WWI Fighter

    World War I saw the airplane transition from a rarely seen oddity to a commonplace and necessary piece of military equipment.   Numerous designs were tried by all sides in the attempt to gain an advantage.   The French Nieuport 17 was such a design.   This fighter was used by all of the Allies and was so feared by the Germans that they ordered copies produced for their pilots.   This Black Hawk Models kit builds an impressive replica of this famous aircraft and comes with markings for both American and British squadrons.

    • KIT NUMBER: FS 400
    • WING SPAN: 16"
    • ENGINE: .049 TO .074 (Note: a higher performance .049 engine is required)
    • SKILL LEVEL: Medium
    • Kit includes:
      • Carved and hollowed fuselage
      • Shaped wings
      • Complete hardware package with wheels
      • Pilot figure included
      • Colorful British aircraft markings
      • Formed engine cowling
      • Over the wing mount Lewis machine gun