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  • P-11c


    Polish Fighter

    By 1939 the Polish fighter, P-11c, was obsolete and slower than most of the world's aircraft.   However it was all that the Polish had to defend their borders against the German invasion.   111 Polish fighters took to the air daily to challenge the most modern air force in the world.   In two weeks of combat they brought down over 130 enemy aircraft.   Once withdrawn from combat the pilots made their way to England to join the RAF.   When V-1 rockets crossed the channel to rain death and destruction on the British cities and people, the Polish pilots came to their rescue.   In heroic deeds they would fly the planes along side the V-1, and with their wing, tip the rockets off course.   Black Hawk Models salutes these brave pilots.

    • KIT NUMBER: FS 2600
    • WING SPAN: 20"
    • ENGINE: .049 TO .074
    • SKILL LEVEL: Medium
    • Kit includes:
      • Carved and hollowed fuselage
      • Beautiful lines with a Shaped gull wing
      • Complete hardware package with wheels
      • Plastic cowling
      • Pilot figure included
      • Colorful period aircraft markings