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  • P-40


    World War II Fighter

    Although many notable fighter designs came out of WWII, the plane that shouldered much of the fighting during the early months of the war was the Curtiss P-40.   It was the P-40 that inflicted damage on the attacking Japanese at Pearl Harbor, and the famous Flying Tigers used the P-40 to stop Japanese aggression in China before the USA was drawn into the conflict.   Black Hawk Models P-40 is decorated as a salute to the red-tailed devils of the 99th Fighter Squadron - the famous Tuskegee Airmen.   This all African-American squadron gained fame for their courage and tenacity and were the only squadron that never lost a bomber when they were flying escort.   This great replica will put a bit of avaition history in your flying circle.

    • KIT NUMBER: FS 1100
    • WING SPAN: 18"
    • ENGINE: .049 TO .074
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Kit includes:
      • Carved and hollowed fuselage
      • Shaped wings
      • Cowling
      • Vacuum Formed Canopy
      • Lead Out Wires
      • Complete hardware package with wheels
      • Pilot figure
      • Decals with colorful aircraft markings
      • 4 page construction manual that includes pictures, drawings, and historical data