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  • Pee Wee Racer


    Pee Wee Racer 
    The fastest car on a string!! 
    Gas engine powered race car

    With speeds in excess of 60 MPH this little car literally screams around the track.   Use any .020 to .049 reed valve engine with the pusher propeller in the rear to drive this speed demon to unbelievable speeds.   Attach the bridal to the side brackets and a 20 foot line to a center pole and you are ready to go!   The bridle is adjustable to correct the cars tracking for smoother and safer runs.   All wood parts are long lasting hard woods (no balsa) to make this car last a lifetime.   The car has been engineered to allow the use of up to a 6" propeller.

    • KIT NUMBER: JA 1200
    • LENGTH: 7"
    • ENGINE: .020 TO .049 reed valve
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Kit includes:
      • Racing Wheels
      • Wheel Retainers
      • Bridle Brackets
      • Bridle
      • Decals
      • Driver
      • and Much More