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  • Vulture


    Combat Wing

    The vulture is a bird of prey and so is the Vulture combat wing by Black Hawk Models.   This bird assemble quickly, is very fast, and very manuverable.   The Vulture will make you a feared competetor at the your flying circle.   The Black Hawk Models Vulture is a double kit that contains TWO complete combat wings.

    • KIT NUMBER: PS 550
    • WING SPAN: 18"
    • ENGINE: .049 TO .074
    • SKILL LEVEL: Easy
    • Kit includes:
      • Quality pre-cut balsa and plywood parts
      • Shaped wing
      • Complete hardware package

    The PS series - Combat Wings kits by Black Hawk Models feature simple and sturdy construction designed to assemble quickly and stand up to the rigors of control line combat flying. 

    Since combat is a sport enjoyed by two pilots, Black Hawk Models Combat Wings come in DOUBLE KITS that contain two models in one box so that both flyers can quickly get their combat ship in the air.